Don’t you dare touch me with that knife, InuYasha meets the eccentric Hanji



{ ☞ } — Hanji had been on horseback for a few hours. She hasn’t seen much titans in that time, and was beginning to feel a little bored with no action happening. That is until she heard something. Galloping in it’s direction, she spotted a few titans…and a strange person with long white hair.

"Well, well, well, that’s not something you see everyday."

Letting out a hmmph, the half demon grabbed the hilt of his sword. “So be it, ya damn thing!” He declared as he drew his sword and jumped forward towards the titan, the sword transforming as it’s drawn. The titan, of course, tries to grab him again. “You really need to learn ta’ keep your hands to yourself!” He said as he slashed the sword at the titan’s wrist, cutting its entire hand off with seemingly little effort before stabbing into the titan’s heart region. “That outta do it” He said, putting his foot against the titan’s stomach and pulling the blade out. Landing on his feet, he noticed the titan still appeared to be regenerating. “Damnit! There’s gotta be some way ta’ finish off this stupid big giant”

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Don’t you dare touch me with that knife, InuYasha meets the eccentric Hanji
The half demon was running towards the city in the field surrounding it, getting a very uneasy feeling about what he was smelling in the city ahead. “Damnit, this ain’t good, this whole place is covered in the stench of human blood. This couldn’t ‘ave just been some war” He said to himself, it smelled more like a massacre. Reaching the outer wall, he jumped up it pretty effortlessly with his demon strength. “What in the hell? Are those some kinda demons?” He asked, himself, noticing titans wandering around just inside of the wall. Jumping down from the wall and onto a roof, a titan makes a move to grab him. “Ain’t gonna be that easy!” The half demon declared as he slashed at the titan’s hand, his claws slicing its fingers off, a grin appearing on his face as he jumps back.

“Ain’t so tough, are ya?” He asked cockily, but then noticed steam coming out of the fingers and the fingers appear to be regenerating, causing him to suck his teeth. “Just what I needed, demons that can regenerate” He muttered, preparing to draw Tessaiga if he had to.

You know, people like this are the reason Feminism is given such a bad name

If you consider yourself a Feminist, then I expect you to call people like this out on sickening and, quite frankly, levied full of hatred comments like this. If this isn’t what Feminism is supposed to be about, then I want to see more people who call themselves Feminists with the courage to stand up to people like this.

The Symphony of the two misfits

Annoyed about Kagome taking too long to get back from her world, the half demon decided to take matters into his own hands as he comes through the well into her world. “Damnit, she ain’t home, I’ll just have ta’ find her” He said, as he began to sniff around for her. “What the hell?” He asked, with widened eyes as his eyes shifted. “I smell demon…” He muttered, not thinking there were demons in Kagome’s world except for the Noah Mask. “This ain’t good, I better check it out” He said, running towards the source of the scent and running into a witch’s barrier.

Just for a little clarity, for those of you who were confused

Phil Robertson mentioned that, when it comes to Radical Islam, he said we either have to convert them or kill them. Many people seem to have misinterpreted this, either purposefully or just not understanding what he said. What he meant is the ideology of Radical Islam makes coexistence virtually impossible, they seek to wipe out anyone who isn’t them. The only options for us are to convert them into a more peaceful way of thinking, or kill them because the only other option than those two is to wait until they kill us. He didn’t mean kill them unless they convert to Christianity, otherwise he would have said that for everyone who isn’t a Christian. Understand?