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"You think you can intimidate me?"

➳ — ”Stop shouting you moron!!” she yelled back and shrugged her shoulders, heading towards the well. “I’m going home, you do whatever you want to do!” Stupid idiot.. he can’t be nice to her.. not even once. And with that the the girl jumped into the well and travelled back into her own time.image

InuYasha growls. “Why…you…” He grumbled as he got up on his feet. “Don’t even THINK about it! If you don’t come right back, I ain’t gonna be here!” He shouted as he saw her jump down the well. He was going to be semi-serious about his threat. He was going to wait a few minutes then just go sulk somewhere.


“This is officially the weirdest day of my life.” Nagisa sighed, not even bothering to ask. “Maybe…are you free on Wednesday afternoon? That’s usually when me and Mami-chan go hunting.”

The half demon grumbled with clear annoyance but reluctantly showed agreement. “Fine fine, but you still owe me snacks” He said, bluntly, since they had made the deal and he already got her a grief seed just then.


The strange looked he was getting from the unknown man made him very uncomfortable. It was almost felt like he was being examined like some animal in a zoo. 
"I’m an namekian, which is as far from a demon as you can get." He explained, though he doubted this man even knew what a namekian was. "And my name is Dende."

And now it was this name’s turn to introduce himself.
"I told you who I am, what about you? Who are you?" 


Really, it was a misunderstanding. The half demon had a habit of looking at everyone that way, especially people he didn’t know. It was no different than if he was looking at a human he’d never met before. He sucked his teeth. “Name’s InuYasha, the hell’s a Namekian?” He asked almost immediately, confirming what Dende had suspected and he didn’t know what Namekians were.

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"Even if he was abandoned, which I’m not saying he was, being abandoned has nothing to do with the child as a person! And using it as an insult is sick! You’re all sick!"

“Yeah, that’s a real stupid reason ta’ look down on someone. Ya can’t control whatever the hell your parents do”



☾♔—  ”EH! Who are you calling stupid!!” Usagi glared at him and climbed out of the well. “Huh..” she looked at him up and down and poked his ears. “What are you?” she asked and tilted her head to the side. “Are you a dog?” she let out a soft giggle and looked around. “Where am i?”

He glares at her with an annoyed look. “How ‘bout the idiot who fell into a HOLE?” He asked with bluntness, thinking she had no right to argue about being stupid when she not only fell down a well but needed him to tell her that she could’ve just climbed out on the vines. “The hell are ya DOIN’ around here anyway?”


Nagisa’s eyes widened and she looked around the bakery. Nobody was listening to their conversation. “You mean…” She leaned in cautiously. “You’re an alien? How did you get to Earth?”
He looks at her with a blank stare. “The hell are ya TALKIN’ about? I GOT here through the old well in Kagome’s place” He said, bluntly. His world basically was Earth, even populated with humans, just in the feudal era and swarming with demons instead of witches and incubators.



True, FP used to be a mary sue of sorts, but she moved beyond that at Vault of Bones. And she’s waaaaaay beyond it now

i think mary sue is a really overused term

it’s basically lost all definable meaning and now translates to ‘female character i don’t like’

because i thought it originally meant a character with absolutely no flaws that everyone loved, but i rarely even see characters like that anymore

I think it also depends on whether the characters treat any flaws as flaws. A character can have what’s arguably flaws and still be a May or Gary Sue because the other characters never mention it so they’re TREATED as perfect. Like Bella on Twilight.